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Learn To Drive In An Automatic Car With DrewMatic

Automatic Driving Lessons

DrewMatic Driving School specialises in Automatic Car Driving Lessons.

If you’re looking for Driving Lessons In An Automatic Car with one of our Automatic Driving Instructors then you’re in the right place!!!

We are a respected and trusted driving school, and we out perform the bigger name toxic brands (who just don’t care about you,) in Automatic in every way.

Unlike others, we don’t offer cheap, nasty and poor quality 5 hours for £25 or 4 hours for £44 deals that demean and insult the highly skilled qualifications needed to become an Approved Driving Instructor.

We don’t use call centres or telesales staff (unlike other schools we could mention) which means you will always talk directly with a DVSA Approved Driving Instructor and you can contact instructors with questions and they will be able to answer them.

Nor, (like other schools we could mention again) do we charge our instructors unfair and extortionate franchise fees then threaten them with legal action and take them to court if they ever ask to leave once they realise that they’ve been sold a complete pack of lies!!!

THIS is what sets US apart from all the toxic big name brands and why we believe that you should trust US with YOUR training and development.

If the toxic brands will do that to their instructors, just imagine that they’re doing to YOU!!!

DrewMatic provide you with top quality, comprehensive and professional driving instruction.
We have happy, high performing, calm, patient and friendly DVSA Approved Driving Instructors.

We’ll actually make you laugh whilst you’re learning with us.

We provide Beginners Offers, Intensive Courses, Block Booking and Pay As You Learn Lessons too!

Your Automatic Driving Lessons with DrewMatic will take place in and around the areas that you live.

You will be taking your test at the nearest DVSA Driving Test Centre in your locality.

We like to go the extra mile for our Customers too. 

To cut back on stress for you, everything in terms of the practical driving test is taken care of.

Our online support group on Facebook contains a whole variety of video based support.

From Test Routes, to complex junctions, to videos of the car you’ll be learning in and so much more.

All you need to do is to concentrate on your driving lessons and getting up to test standard.

We will, of course, guide you each and every step of the way through the roads around the area that you live and beyond.

Our team of professional Approved Driving Instructors are qualified to the highest level and fully in touch with all of the stresses and concerns pupils may experience during this time, we will guide you and keep you calm, we never EVER shout,

Understanding and patience with students provides an extra level of help and support, needed to get you through the driving test.

We also aim, 100% of the time to have the same instructor and car for the duration of the course which we know is exceptionally important to our customers.
When you contact us to begin with, you will always speak directly with a member of the driving instructor team at DrewMatic.

From the very start you can expect a friendly and professional service.
We don’t use call centres or telesales staff (unlike other schools we could mention.)

Which means you will always talk directly with a DVSA Approved Driving Instructor.
If you have any questions about learning to drive you can contact real instructors with questions and they will be able to answer them.
After initial contact with us, a learner is able to speak to their allocated instructor almost there and then.

Why not text or call us now on 07541 883 733 with any queries or concerns that you may have?

Don’t forget to also take a look at our:Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages too.

Test your knowledge, you can take a Mock Theory Test HERE
If you’re thinking of booking your Theory Test you can do that HERE
You can find information on the Practical Driving Test HERE

DrewMatic Driving School The Automatic Driving Lessons Specialists
Automatic Driving Lessons

DrewMatic Are Number One For Automatic Driving Lessons In The North East Of England. No Other Automatic Driving School Can Match Us For Passes. Over 250 Outstanding Reviews And Recommendations. We're The Automatic Specialists. If You're looking For Calm, Patient, Professional And Friendly Automatic Driving Instructors With Very High Pass Rates Then Look No Further, Because You Have Found Us.

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