We Were Told That We’d Never Make It

In the shortest of times, DrewMatic have arguably become the leaders in our field of providing Automatic only Driving Tuition in the North East.
Making the Automatic option available to so many across the North East has helped propel us in to not only the top ten, but in to the top five Driving Schools in the WHOLE of the UK according to TrustPilot.
Not bad for a North East only Automatic Driving School that was told once that we’d never make it.
(Ohhhhh you’ve no idea how much that one little comment has driven us on.)
Learning to drive in an Automatic is no longer just an ‘option B’ for people who found that the out of date clutch and gears were an unnecessary bore, it’s become so mainstream now that more and more people aren’t even bothering with a clutch and going straight to Automatic and getting that freedom and independence way quicker than the manual counterpart.
The whole future of modern motoring is heading Automatic.
We’re fast becoming the most preferred and the most trusted multi car Automatic Driving School for the ever increasing number of people choosing the modern, safe, quicker option of learning to drive, in an Automatic.
Not only for our customers, but now, we even have instructors that come to us too because of the different way that we do things.
We’ve made silly mistakes along the way, but learned from them, but who amongst us haven’t?
How else can any of us grow if not from the lessons of our errors?
As we exit the lock down, DrewMatic too, are changing our course, we’ll let you know more about that in the very near future.
The message is to never give up or to lose hope, because as the lock down winds down and you all begin to look to your futures and begin to make your plans again with your loved ones, if learning to drive was one of those plans, then we’d love it if you chose us to help guide you to independence, the quicker and easier way, in one of our DrewMatic Automatic Cars.
Our tuition vehicles are an environmentally friendly blend of Hybrid, clean ULEZ exempt Euro 6 Diesel powered and 100% Electric Cars.
If you just believe that you can do it, then you’re already halfway there, we can do the rest together.

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