Tina Passed Her Automatic Driving Test In Hartlepool

Automatic Driving Lessons Hartlepool

Yes, that’s right, Tina passed her Driving Test after taking Automatic Driving Lessons In Hartlepool!

And yes, she really passed her test on a Sunday because sometimes Hartlepool Test Centre provide Saturday AND Sunday Tests!

Well done Tina, I’ve enjoyed every single lesson with you and the result was never in doubt, not only a FIRST TIME PASS but just one fault too.

Very high standard!

You’re an excellent driver, one of the most gifted drivers that I’ve ever taught.

She’s a little bit shy is Tina, and she’d been crying a lot, so she didn’t want the world to see her face.

Probably for the best, she’s a bit scary at the best of times !!! Haha haha.

Well done lass, it’s about time you had some good luck!


Automatic Driving Lessons In Hartlepool

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