Driving instructor Hartlepool

So you think being a driving instructor is easy??…

We have to deal not only with what our pupil IS doing, but what they are ABOUT to do versus what they NEED to do whilst also dealing with what other drivers are doing all around us.

We get abuse from other road users – and sometimes even from the pupil, their partner and, or, their parents.

We deal with pupils who only grunt (if you’re lucky) and often sit next to some that don’t know what personal hygiene is.

We are given unrealistic targets by pupils, partners & parents.

We are told how we should do things by the majority of others., who really haven’t got a bastard clue or who would even pass a driving test if they were to retake one.

We get moaned at when they fail (hey, you were driving, not me!)

We teach a life skill yet so any parents think it’s acceptable to “make do” when it comes to their kids learning to drive and go for cheapest option and not the safest option.

At the end of the day YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR and with professional tuition your child or partner might not just PASS but also LIVE to see their next Birthday.

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