Olivia Has Passed Her Driving Test

This is a beautiful pass story.

This amazing and brave young lady is the one and only Miss Olivia.

Olivia’s road to independence has not been an easy one, Olivia had to wait for more than two years before the DVLA would allow her to drive.

But boy has she shown not only them, but the doubters too, just who she is!

Every challenge, every fall, every laugh and every tear Olivia would not quit, Olivia had a dream and today, at the first attempt, Olivia’s dream came true.

There was not a single dry eye in the whole house.

There was of course only one DrewMatic Driving Instructor with the skills to bring Olivia over the finish line, this instructor, is of course, Mrs Frantastic herself, our very own Fran!!

Olivia, Fran has this message for you…

“Huge congratulations to Olivia on passing her test first time this morning at Hartlepool.

Even the examiner said it was a beautiful drive.

Quite an emotional moment as its been a journey overcoming your challenges to reach this point.

So onwards and upwards Olivia.

Just started Uni and now you can drive there.

You have one of the most important things in life now, your INDEPENDENCE!!!”

Good luck Olivia, you are an amazing young woman, you’re always smiling, never complaining and living the very best life you can.

You will ALWAYS be considered a true friend of DrewMatic.

We know you’re the number one twin!!!



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Olivia Passed First Time In Hartlepool Today
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