Nav Passed Her Emergency Driving Test

Nav just passed her Key Worker Emergency DrivingTest In Durham!!!
This is a real team effort and big thanks go to one of the pioneers of Automatic driver training.
The hirsuit and most distinguished Mr Barrie Kirtley Senior from the excellent BBK School of Motoring in Durham who had completed the main part of Nav’s training before he was unable to continue owing him having to shield during the lockdown.
Barrie asked us if we’d take good care of Nav for him and we were happy to oblige our good friend!
But the fun and games didn’t end there!
Our instructor Pete then had to self isolate and it all looked lost for Nav until our lovely Laura jumped in and volunteered and voila!!!
We have this wonderful pass today for Nav.
Nav is one of our NHS Doctors and this test pass gets her OFF public transport and in to the relative safety of her own car and it’s made her life a whole lot easier!!!
So THANKS to Barrie for trusting us with his pupil, THANKS to Pete and Laura and THANKS to Nav and the NHS too !!

Female Automatic Driving Instructor In Durham

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