Michelle Just Passed Her Driving Test

It’s another first time pass for Drew!

This one on one of our Pass Guarantee Courses!

Now, you’ve all seen the cinema trailers, they all go something like ‘every journey has a beginning,’ or words like that anyway.

What an incredible journey this lovely lady has had.

This wonderful girl right here goes by the name of Michelle and this woman is an absolute fighter.

Michelle will be the first to tell you that she left learning to drive until quite, shall we say, ‘late on?’

She’d also tell you that she was not what you could call a natural driver.

Nothing made sense to Michelle, and there were times when she got out of the car feeling broken and wondering if she’d ever do it.

But she kept going.

Michelle kept the faith and stayed true to her dream.

Lesson by lesson, step by step, we began to build her up and the anxiety and the worry and the stress were beaten, they became confidence, faith and ability.

Now, she’s driving like she’s driven for years!

She not only passed her theory first time, but today, after all of her hard work, she passed her driving test first time too with a near clean sheet 2 fault drive.

Never once, not ever, did she ever stop smiling, did she ever stop trying.

Michelle, I’m so proud of you and in virtual tears writing this, this is one of the finest, nicest, most rewarding passes that I’ve ever had.

Thank you so much for choosing us.

The message here is simple, if you’re putting off learning to drive because you feel as though you just can’t do it, then DON’T !!!

We work with you at DrewMatic and if you bring the dream with you to every lesson, then we will try our hardest help you make it come true.

Well done Michelle!!

I’ll bloody well miss you.


Oh, one more time, just for the laughs, ‘ Michelle, WHAT are you DOING???’



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