Go For Automatic Driving Lessons With DrewMatic

Learn To Drive In An Automatic Car

Learn To Drive In An Automatic Car With Automatic Driving Lessons From DrewMatic

Automatic Cars are DrewMatic‘s speciality.

NO other Automatic Driving School in the area that we cover can even come close to us for passes, it really is that simple!!

We aren’t a Manual Driving School with just one or two Automatic Instructors floating around here and there, we are AUTOMATIC SPECIALISTS, We LOVE them!!!

When you’re choosing who to spend your time and money with, wouldn’t you want to make sure that you spend them both with the specialists?

If you are literally just deciding whether to take automatic driving lessons, take five or ten minutes to have a read of the information that we have provided here.

Our standard Automatic Driving Lesson is 2 Hours in length.

*Note Beginners Deals Must Use Beginners Blocks In 2 Hour Slots.

Ninety Minute length lessons are available, but students should be aware that with decreased lesson lengths progress is often impacted.

Two Hour Lessons ensure fewer briefings and debriefings overall and more practical training which is part of our commitment to passing our students as quickly and safely as possible in addition to keeping the price down for you.

Our Automatic cars are well maintained, clean and easy to drive.

They have an excellent design and have lots of adaptable space in the cockpit for learners of all shapes and sizes.

First lessons are prepaid which means you have one less thing to remember when it comes to your first lesson.On your first lesson you will need to bring with you your provisional licence.



Why choose automatic driving lessons?

  • Automatic driving lessons are getting increasingly popular.
  • No stalling the car or rolling back on hills
  • No clutch or gear lever to coordinate
  • Two pedals operated by one foot; eliminates confusion
  • More time to concentrate on controlling the vehicle
  • More time to develop judgement of speed and steering skills
  • More time available to concentrate on reading the road
  • Get to Test Standard more quickly
  • Better suited to the stop/start of town and city driving
  • Small price difference between automatics and manual cars
  • Most small cars now offer an automatic option
  • Learn in a shorter time period-More confidence -Less distraction 
  • Less faff – Be independent on the road quicker

    The future is Automatic.

    Hybrid & Electric cars, now on sale, do not use a clutch or gears.

    Don’t be influenced by peer pressure.

    This type of car has no clutch pedal and the car changes gear automatically meaning there are two less things to worry about and you can put your full concentration into the other aspects of learning.

    An automatic car has a selector in place of a gear lever.

    The driver selects ‘D’ (drive).  

    From then on the automatic will change to a higher gear as you increase speed and to a lower gear as it falls.

    It also takes account of hills.  

    However, you can still take full control of the gear selection if you so wish by moving the selector to the manual mode.  

    Handy if you are driving in a hilly area and wish to hold the lower gears to use the engine braking effect to assist in keeping the speed down.

    Gear changes up and down can now be made but without the need to press and release a clutch pedal.  

    An F1 driver doesn’t use a clutch (apart from the initial start) and most performance cars don’t either.

    Automatic cars can make learning to drive easier, The future is in Hybrid and Electric Cars and these are ALL AUTOMATIC !!!!!

    Learning to start, stop and steer is so much easier in automatic cars.

    The right foot should normally be used to control the accelerator and foot brake.

    Because there is no clutch, your left foot should not normally need to be used at all.

    In the not too distant past, coming out as Gay or bringing home a partner with a different ethnicity to yours, was a terrifying experience for many.

    Intolerance and ignorance were rife.

    Thankfully, those things are now welcomed, cherished and embraced, those days are all but behind us, and rightfully so!

    Friends and Family welcome your choice, welcome your decision, they’re so supportive, it’s amazing!!

    Just try ‘coming out’ as someone who wants to drive an Automatic though….

    The howls and wails of derision, dismay, disappointment and disgust are, quite often, not only bordering upon the ridiculous, but not all together unlike the reactions you used to see ‘coming out’ as per above!

    Just what the hell is wrong with people??


    But, but you’ll only be able to drive an Automatic, yeah, so effing what- if you pass your test on a motorbike you can only ride a motorbike- does anyone say anything about that? No, they don’t.

    But, but control…

    But, but more fun…..

    But, but….. OH SHUT UP CLUTCH BIGOT !!

    Do Automatic Drivers scoff and mock Manual Drivers?

    No, of course not, so why should it be the other way around!???

    Is a Manual driver in some way superior to an Automatic Driver?

    Are they heck as like  

    Though you’d not think it the way some go on about it !!!!

    The driving test is EXACTLY the same.

    Learning to drive in an Automatic is safe, it’s EASY, it’s quicker and it’s a more refined and relaxed experience.

    So ask yourself these questions;

    Is it your family or your friends’ freedom?

    Are they your family or your friends’ driving lessons?

    Is it your family or your friends’ driving test?

    Is it your family or your friends’ freedom or independence?

    Is it your family or your friends’ choice?

    Or are they all YOUR choices?

    It’s your licence it’s your freedom, it’s your hard earned money and it’s your independence.

    According to government statistics, year on year, Automatic Driving Tests aren’t just increasing here and there, but are increasing by thousands EVERYWHERE as more and more trainee drivers embrace the future with Automatic.

    The number of cars being sold with automatic gearboxes is rising in the UK as British drivers fall out of love with the trusty manual.

    Figures released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) show that the number of cars with auto gearboxes has risen by over 70 per cent since 2007. A total of 8.4 million automatic cars are now on Britain’s roads.

    In 2017, 40 per cent of all news cars were fitted with an automatic gearbox, including CVT and ‘semi-automatic’ varieties. It’s thought that consumers enjoy the relative ease with which automatic cars are operated.

    While manual gearboxes are still the most numerous form of transmission, their popularity has been steadily declining as the quality and availability of automatics has risen.

    “Consumers are enjoying greater freedom and mobility than ever before, which along with greater reliability and improved fuel efficiency, make owning a car a more attractive and affordable option for millions of people. With every new model launched, more motorists are benefiting from more advanced technology.

    “From innovative safety systems such as autonomous emergency braking and adaptive speed control, to state-of-the-art infotainment and comfort features, including heads-up navigation, heated seats and air-con, in-car WiFi and greater connectivity.”

    It’s about choice, it’s about YOUR choice.

    Automatic Vehicles are everywhere and are available to suit every budget.

    So which method and which driving school are YOU going to choose?

    Automatic or Manual?

    There’s nothing wrong with either, and we do them both !!!