She’s done it!!

From zero confidence to a first time test pass with just one fault.

That’s a near perfect drive.

Lauren has just changed her life beyond all recognition, there’s so much she’s going to be able to do now, adventures with her little boys, lots to do now in the holidays, no more relying on buses and taxis, taking her sister out, there’s just so much more she can do now!

Lauren had no belief in herself, but we helped change all of that.

“I can’t believe how relaxed I felt” was what she said after her test.

Lauren Passed First Time In An Automatic In just 20 hours.

It’s quicker, it’s easier, it’s a more relaxed and refined way to drive, it’s the future, IT’S AUTOMATIC!!

Do YOU want to be next to change your life?

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We’ll get you there.

Automatic Driving Lessons In Peterlee

Lauren Passed First Time With DrewMatic