Automatic Driving Lessons

We see this being pointed out from time to time.

Many think that this means that you must give way to everything on the roundabout.

It’s not correct.

And normal roundabout rules apply here.

You should stop and give priority to traffic entering the roundabout from your right, and more importantly, priority to traffic turning right from your right.

Unfortunately there are many, who belong to the area, who know the road, will quite deliberately enter the roundabout when they should not, in the mistaken belief that the double give way line on the opposite side of the roundabout allows them to, and that if there is a collision, it’s going to be the other guys fault.

Not so.

The road itself, would have originally been a T junction.

If it’s changed to a mini roundabout it changes the type of crash we potentially have – cars hit at lower speed and different angle when it’s a mini roundabout and traffic flow is also improved as all road users have to slow for a mini roundabout.

As opposed to a crash at a T Junction that can often be far more serious.

As the layout has changed and because it might not be so obvious to people from out of town, we have to slow down, so, the council put in extra signs and lines to try and make us aware of what we have to do.

So in that pic, as you see the road in the adjacent carriageway to the right as we look at it, from their view point of view they see grass and kerb infront so it’s more obvious they have to give way so they just get a single give way line and sometimes no give way sign.

Also, on that road they have also used chevrons in the centre to narrow the lane.

It doesn’t change the width of the road but makes the lane look narrow so that we drive slower.

It’s psychology but it works.

They have also used red paint close to the junction line in the centre, as it’s the colour of danger.

Ultimately, no harm can be done by stopping at the give way line and giving way to everything else, if that’s what you want to do, you’ll stop people making progress though and possibly flare a few tempers too.

But, normal rules do apply, and the presence of the sign and double give way line doesn’t change that.

Remember, priority can never be assumed, only given, and we must always plan ahead, and be prepared for someone who thinks that they’re in the right, but infact aren’t.