Free Driving Instructor Training Coming To DrewMatic

We are really really lucky here, many in the instructor industry doubted that we’d be anything more than just a few cars here and there.

Now. we’ve got a total of 18 instructors, 12 of whom are full time DrewMatic and the other 6 are ‘associate’ instructors.

The big boys have noticed us now and that’s a good thing because in some way, we may, or may not, influence a change in their attitude towards their instructors and their clients.

Things are going Automatic, the evidence is everywhere.

We have two highly respected and very well known ORDIT registered Driving Instructor Trainers who are on our team here.

So, with the success of DrewMatic to this point, and with the addition of these two exceptional instructor trainers, we’re dead serious when we say we are genuinely looking to recruit new instructors to teach Automatic.

Our franchise fee is incredibly low and we’re in existence because we ALL instructors who have been let down at some stage in our lives by the greedy, money grabbing big boys.

We will never EVER EVER EVER become anything like that.

That is why instructors come to us.

It’s also why we keep our instructors.

And it’s also why we need more of them because our customer satisfaction rating is why we just keep growing because our clients identify with our ethos too.

An announcement on FREE Driving Instructor Training is due also very shortly.

Yeah, that’s right.

Hope to see you all very VERY soon.

Emma, Laura, Craig, Drew, Tony, Pete, Mark, Alyson, Clint, Jim, Fran and Steve.

Could YOUR name be added to that list?

Cluck the link below to find out more.

Driving Instructor Training With DrewMatic

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