Are you a Parent, with a Son or Daughter approaching their 17th Birthday?

Maybe you want lessons for your best friend, sibling or partner?

Are you checking round for a great driving school that is going to provide your loved one with the skills they need to become lifelong safe drivers and who are going to provide YOU with the peace of mind they’re going to be looked after?

Then take a look at this from DrewMatic.

We’ve gone on record, numerous times, to say that we don’t believe in special ‘come one, come all’ deals that are taken advantage of far too easily.

They’re counter productive, they don’t offer REAL value for money, they demotivate the instructor and demean the student.

Our own loyalty scheme counters all of that.

That’s why we believe the introduction our special Birthday Package is such a good idea.

The pupil taking the lessons MUST be celebrating their birthday and we’ll ask to see their licence as guarantee that they are.

This is a genuine offer, for genuine customers, that are genuinely serious about quality, comprehensive and expert tuition from happy instructors.

*lessons must be taken in 90 minute or 2 hour sessions.
*package must be spent within 4 weeks of purchase.
*persons taking lessons MUST be celebrating a birthday within 24 hours of first lesson. (We will ask for proof.)

£99 for 5 hours  

​They’re an ideal present for your loved one, from a reputable school that does things differently.

It’s a Birthday Present that can only be used as…. A Birthday Present!!!

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