Look around.

Choice is everywhere.

But what are you actually getting for your money?

Do you really think driving instructors with the big name company offering pathetically cheap and nasty deals are happy working for significantly less than their counterparts in another company that isn’t doing that?

Do you really think that you’re going to get the best quality? Really?

It’s not the instructor’s fault.

All too often they’re tied in to a franchise agreement that binds them to the toxic company for years.

Some notice periods are up to TWO YEARS, they were and are shedding good instructors who are sick to death of not only the cheap and nasty deals but of the poor quality of work too so the only way to keep them is to tie them in to TWO YEAR contracts!!!

You’ll have to stay in the agreement if you’re an instructor , because if you leave you’ll get no more work from them and quite possibly a CCJ, with phrases like “we’ll sell the debt to a debt collector” often used.

It’s heartbreaking.

These are the threats being made, right now, to talented, competent, capable instructors.

Imagine that, leaving a regular job behind, starting what you think is a dream job, finding out you’ve actually been sold a nightmare, not a dream, that you’ve been lied to, then being told the only way out is two years of the same lies, or deliberately failing your qualifying tests so you can be released.

Basically that’s like saying ‘if they can’t have you as an instructor, nobody can.’

Imagine working 40 hours per week, but only being actually paid for the equivalent of 20 of them. (Courtesy of cut price deals.)

Then, covering your own expenses AND then STILL having to pay your franchise fee, (remembering it’s all they care about.)

And by buying in to these cheap deals some customers are encouraging the franchises to continue to do it.

Aunties. Uncles. Mam’s and Dad’s. Husbands. Wives. Grandparents, Husbands and Wives- ask yourselves, before you buy that cheap present. What are your loved ones REALLY getting.

You / they are being taught a life skill, something that will change your / their life in ways you cannot begin to imagine, wouldn’t you want the BEST start for them?

It doesn’t matter whom you choose, it doesn’t have to be DrewMatic, so long as you don’t choose and encourage the big names to keep doing it, stay away from them.

They don’t care about you, they only care about their franchise fees and the instructor pays them, not you!!!

Choose wisely, not only this Christmas,or this New Year, but always, at any time of the year.

Choose a local, small Driving School, one that has YOUR best interests at heart.

Choose a Driving School that will help you grow and develop and become a safer driver with skills that will last you for a whole lifetime of safe driving.

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