Are you, or anyone you know, signed up on an instructor training course with one of the big names on an overstated guarantee of riches beyond your/ their wildest dreams of avarice living in the promised land of Driving Instructor paradise?

Get ready for a reality check……

If you, or they, are currently doing your 40 hours Part 3 training so that you can gain your trainee licence, this is an important time for you.

You’ll soon be signing your franchise agreement.

You know, the one that signs you up for up to two whole years, come what may.

Oh they’ll say things like, “ The franchise is only the price of two lessons a week.”

Yeah- two FULL PRICE lessons a week, just wait till you start getting all the ‘special deals,’ you know, the ones that pay £5 per hour, or £10 per hour or £15 an hour and then you’re working longer, for less money and far more often.

But what do the franchise care eh?

You still got to pay them that rent!

Choose your own hours?

Sure, you can, but your hours will depend on your customers hours and availability, but they don’t tell you that do they!

So be ready for unsociable hours, and if you can’t work those hours, then the income drops, but they don’t care, because you’re paying them their franchise, no matter what!

(For the purposes of fairness, the last 2 paragraphs pretty much sum up Driving Instruction in general, mind, it’s not just the poisonous corporate brands that are like that.)

Maybe they’re promising you your training fees back after 2 years?

That’s 2 years AFTER you pass PART 3 by the way!!

Think very carefully before you sign that agreement.

DON’T SIGN IT before you speak to us first.

Over the length of a 2 year contract you could pay out up to and over £10,600.

Add in to that the ‘little extras’ that some charge you, like £1 per 2 hour lesson to ‘pay for the computer system,’ and you’re soon looking at, (based on a 40 hour week over a 48 week year,) in excess of £12,800 over the 2 years.

THEY don’t care about YOU, they only care about their Franchise Fees and once you’re in that contract you belong to them and they can do whatever the hell they like.

Try to leave early and it’s threats of legal action time!

Yes, by all means leave early but as soon as you hand in notice you’ll stop getting work AND you’ll still have to pay them AND you’ll still have to have their branding on your car.

They’ll try and persuade you to lease a car through them, it’s all to tie you to them.

Don’t fall for it.

How about your instructor trainer?

You spending more time in McDonalds drinking coffee and using your own fuel?

Hmmmmm, what does that tell you about ‘their’ standard of training?


We’d love to complete your training, provide you with work, and show you just how well you can be looked after.

We do it differently here, we do care about you and right now we need Automatic Instructors!!!

The owners of DrewMatic are Driving Instructors who work as Driving Instructors and aren’t in an office!

You can’t trust the Toxic Brands.

Don’t fall for the scam.

Your instructor trainer is most likely being paid an extra bonus if he or she persuades you to sign up, of COURSE they’re going to tell you that it’s wonderful there !!

IT ISN’T !!!

Every instructor that joins DrewMatic or one of the more reliable, more reputable local driving schools, deprives the Toxic Brands of the opportunity to drain you of your resources.

Don’t fall for their ‘but we’re more established!’ Claptrap either, they’re ‘established’ alright, but not for the reasons that they’d like to think.

Our instructor support system is far superior to what ‘they’ will offer you.

By all means, complete your 40 hours with the toxic brand, but then come and talk to us, in confidence, then make your decision.

You’ll be happier, you’ll be better off and you’ll probably be all the happier for it!!

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