Every week, we get calls from trainee instructors asking for support, as their “promised me the world” driving school is letting them down with their training and preparation to take the final part 3 examination to become fully qualified.
They’ve probably heard about our point of view on the ‘big names’ and want some honest advice, or they’ve been referred to us by friends and family who know and trust us.
We’ve said it so many times, the big names are TOXIC they don’t care about YOU.
They care about one thing, FRANCHISE FEES.
(If they’ll do this to their Instructors, just imagine how they see their Customers.)
If you fail your final part 3 exam, that’s it, you’re out, literally there and then you can no longer earn money as an instructor.
No notice, no pay off, no grace period, you’re out!
Just for a moment, imagine that.
How will you pay the bills whilst you search for another job?
Big names aren’t bothered, because there’s a never ending conveyor belt of new trainees, falling for the same lies.
If you know someone who is feeling like walking away, PLEASE ask them to come and talk to us.
Our instructor trainer is amazingly qualified, here are some of his qualifications below,.we can’t promise that you’ll pass, but we can promise that you’ll receive a far different standard of tuition.
DrewMatic take ZERO commission or payment for these referrals, our sole motivations here are to inform, enlighten and hopefully save your career.
We’ve ZERO respect for big names, they’re diluting the industry and poisoning it.
If you’re an Automatic Instructor, we’d offer you a place here!!!
Being a Driving Instructor is hard work, but it’s incredibly rewarding.
Please, don’t walk away, not yet, let us at least try and help you.
We can also put you in touch with other EXCEPTIONAL instructor trainers if our’s is fully booked.

Our Instructor Trainer’s Qualifications Include:

DVSA ADI Standards Check Grade A
DVSA Fleet Registered.

ORDIT Registered Instructor Trainer.
ORDIT Premises Inspected.

BTEC 4 Professional Award in Coaching For Driver Development.

DIA Diploma in Driving Instruction.
DIA Advanced Examiner.
DIA Advanced Instructor.

City and Guilds 7303 and 7304 Teaching Certificates.

SAFED Trainer, Assessor and Tutor.
Energy Savings Trust Trainer.

RoSPA Tutor.

IAM Advanced Driving Test.
IAM Masters Test (Distinction).
DIA Advanced test.
DIA Special Test.
Cardington Special test Grade A (no faults).
RoSPA Advanced Test: Gold.