Coming Out As An Automatic Driver And Dealing With Clutch Supremacists!!

Have you recently told your family and friends that you’re learning to drive, or are thinking about learning to drive in an Automatic and have they recoiled in utter disgust and disbelief?

Did they look at you like you’d just deliberately infected yourself with an horrific, disfiguring disease?

We hear this story all too often at DrewMatic. But you’re amongst friends here!

Recently, I was shown an article in a National Newspaper that was doing just that.

They were quite clever about it, they start by saying ‘most’ people drive Manual and that it was the ‘normal’ way of learning to drive.

See what they did there? 

Are you being ‘subliminally’ dehumanised?

We all like to be part of the ‘most’ and ‘normal’ crowd don’t we?

Nobody likes to be part of the ‘less’ ‘laughed at’ and ‘abnormal’ crowd.

But there you have it, less than a paragraph in to the article and they’ve already made you feel lesser and abnormal. 

Clever eh?

I wonder who sponsored that article?

The list goes on, they say “most people pick it up after a few hours.”

Again, they’re trying to make you feel less than normal, OR, if you’ve never driven before, but were thinking about the Automatic Route that it’ll only take you a few extra hours.

I doubt somehow the journalist writing the article, was, is, or ever has been an Approved Driving Instructor, so really, how would he know?

Infact, they go to great lengths to dissuade you from having anything at all to do with an Automatic!!

They say if you pass in an Automatic then your licence will be called “A Category B Automatic Licence.”

Errrmmmmm-  If you pass in a Manual it will also be called a “A Category B Manual Licence”

In reality, on the back of the licence you have to look VERY closely to be able to differentiate whether or not your licence is Manual or Automatic.

automatic driving lessons
Can YOU tell if this is Manual Or Automatic?

Let me explain, see in column 12 there? There’d be a “78.”

Hardly a CATEGORY B AUTOMATIC LICENCE ‘mark of shame’ emblazoned across it is there?

Do you see now what they’re doing?

They’re making you feel, well, shit about driving an Automatic.

Arseholes man !!!

It makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Whom it was that paid them to write that article?

In the USA they’ve been driving Automatic for DECADES.

Almost every car now is available in the Automatic Variant.

Year on year, the number of people taking their test in an Automatic is increasing.

With the onset of Electric, Hybrid and Hydrogen Fuel Cell powered vehicles ( they’re ALL Automatic by the way) and the push to make cars non polluting, the industry is realising that Automatic IS the future.

Most Driving Instructors, some grudgingly, will tell you that even they can see how things are turning Automatic, look around, more manual driving schools are investing in Automatic Tuition Vehicles

There will always be a choice for anything that we do in life.

Learning to drive is one of them, so why the very F**K should Automatic Drivers be made to feel like they’ve made the worst choice in the world?


“Autos are more expensive to buy”
Second hand car prices are about the same and autos will have less maintenance problems as the engines and transmission will not have been worked so hard.

“They’re more expensive to maintain”
Autos are less likely to go wrong because they have less moving parts and often have a fluid clutch.

“Garages can’t repair them!”
This is just nonsense. Most garages are equipped to deal with repairing automatics

“They use more fuel”
We find people use more fuel in a manual drive car because the auto will change gear for you at the best time.

“I’ve heard Autos are bad in bad weather conditions”
New developments mean modern autos allow you to have mush more input and can control which gears are selected. 

Most will allow you select different power settings like Sport or Normal or Smooth or Snow/Ice especially for icy conditions as well as being able to prevent the auto changing gear if conditions dictate. 
But for most of normal driving we just select D and off we go.
There are now triptronic automatics where you can either let the auto decide to change gear for you or you can take charge and change gear yourself at the touch of a finger.

The possibilities and options have never been greater and passing in an automatic now means you can also drive an automatic AND change gears if you want to, as well. So you actually have more choice than someone who drives a manual drive car.

“I like to change gear and be more in control of what gear I’m in”

Have you seen a modern automatic?
You can change gear for yourself in a semi automatic anyway.
There are so many varieties the mind boggles. 
Say you choose an Auto with triptronic or Semi Automatic gearbox, you can control exactly what gear you want to be in with a Semi Automatic!!!


Yep, if that’s all YOU want to drive, then why not?? If you pass your test on a Motorcycle, all you can drive/ride is, erm, MOTORCYCLES.


You aren’t looking hard enough then, try Autotrader, Gumtree, Local Garages, amongst others.

BUT BUT…. The list goes on.

Auto or manual?

You decide.

You can have the best of both worlds in that you can leave it totally automatic or have it change gear at the touch of the gear lever

So there you go, driving an auto these days means you can get on the road faster, need less lessons, enjoy your driving and be safer. You can let the car do the gears or do them yourself.

If you hire a car abroad you’ll find more automatics than ever, just try and get a manual car in the USA!

Automatics are becoming even more popular now, especially as our roads become more and more congested and the number of hazards we have to deal with increase daily. The money you save on lessons could be better spent on having fun or maybe buying a better automatic when you pass.


There’s a lot of them but, most of all, you can be on the road and driving MUCH quicker in an auto.

Things that seemed insurmountable problems in a manual are a breeze in an auto.

Once you pass your test then you will have learned already what we call the “head skills” of driving and if you want to change over and take a manual car test later then it would be a mere formality where you would most likely need a small amount of extra tuition, though why on earth would you?

Ask any of  the 100’s of students who have passed with DrewMatic in the last 3 years if they’ve experienced any of the above.

They’ll all tell you they are now in better jobs, more independent, happier and they all did it way WAY faster in an Automatic.

But what do they know eh?

Cos your Partner….Knows better.

Cos Your Family….Know better.

Cos Friends…..Know better.


Do they???

Pass in an Automatic and they’ll still beg you for a lift.
Pass in an Automatic and they’ll still ask you for favours.
If all that you want to do is drive- then do it in an Automatic.

It’s quicker, it easier, it’s arguably safer, it’s a more refined, relaxed, less stressful experience, and it’s more fuel efficient AND it’s the future.

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