Bobo Passed First Time In An Automatic

Automatic Driving Lessons South Shields

Automatic Driving Lessons In South Shields

Fabulous Pass for our one and only Tony Shek and his very happy student the lovely BoBo In South Shields this morning!!

The Automatic Market 

Our Society Is Technologically Driven:

Over the last 20 years or so we have become a “technology driven” society using new technology to help improve our lives by doing things faster and making life easier.

Everything from the humble mobile phone in your pocket, to the TV that you watch to the watch that you wear on your wrist, it’s all evolving.

Why should the type of car you drive be ANY different?

Even the more mature in age, from the their fifties and beyond are now become more and more tech savvy,  and they’re using the internet and becoming more technology conscious.

From this perspective there is now much less resistance to owning and driving an automatic car from the driving public, and an understanding that it’s not only easier to learn to drive in an automatic, but also that it is generally more suitable for modern road traffic conditions.

The automotive industry are heading that way too: 

New Technologies including Hybrid and Electric powered cars which are all automatic vehicles.

Currently nearly all new taxis, buses and HGV’s are also automatic.

Can you see where we’re going with this?

EVERYTHING is going Automatic.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers reported that 25% of all new car sales in 2015 were automatic and is likely to increase to 33% by 2017.

Clearly the number of families who now own an automatic has increased dramatically in recent years influencing peoples perception of the ease and speed of learning, and the ease of use that automatic provides. 

This means that family members of all ages are used to being driven in an automatic, and there is no longer the same “stigma” attached to driving or owning an automatic car.

As a result of the technology revolution and the demand for automatic cars, we are now seeing more and more pupils opting to take their test in an automatic car.

For many students, learning in an automatic takes away the fear factor once they realise that you cannot stall an automatic car.

You don’t need to learn how to use the clutch or which gear to use as the automatic gearbox does that all for you.

All this means that pupils have more time available to read the road and as a result they become more confident in their decision making.

Altogether a much more enjoyable learning experience! 

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