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DrewMatic Are The Number One Provider Of Automatic Driving Lessons In The North East.

We’ve made it our calling, our cause, our passion and we’ve helped to change hearts and minds!

We’re now providing training to become a Driving Instructor.

NOBODY can say that Automatic isn’t popular, we’ve got THIRTEEN Automatic Driving Instructors and we need MORE to cope with the demand.

Our name is now synonymous with Automatic Driving Lessons and put quite simply, we need more team members!!

If you’re considering becoming an Automatic Instructor, why not message us and see what we can offer you.

Our Franchise Fee is less than HALF of the toxic (you know who) brands and we won’t shove you full of special deals and half price offers that slash your income to shreds like (they) do.

We’ll guarantee you a place on our team too if you want it.

We provide FULL mentoring support, from the moment you start training with us, you’ll be partnered up with one of our experienced instructors who will be on hand to answer any questions that you may have, from “how to do it,” to “where to go to,” “what if this happens?”

We’re not driven by Franchise Fees, we don’t have telesales staff masquerading as Customer Service Staff.

We care about our Instructors as much as we care about our Customers because they’re both as vital to us as each other.

The first thing you that you should know is that you need to have held a full UK driving licence for three years
and be over the age of 21 before you can start thinking about becoming an instructor, it doesn’t matter if it’s an Automatic or Manual licence.

If that sounds like you, then you have the basic requirements to begin your instructor tests.

Click HERE for the official Government Criteria for becoming a driving instructor.

The tests can be quite difficult, so make sure you’ve thought it through properly:

Do you have good road safety knowledge and excellent driving skills?

Are you able to give clear instructions and able to adapt your teaching style?

Instructor training can be quite expensive, so make sure you’ve done some thorough research before embarking on your tests.

Once you’ve decided that you definitely want to become a driving instructor, you’ll have to begin training.

In order to acquire the necessary qualifications, there are three tests you need to take.

The first test is computer based and will examine your knowledge of theory and hazard perception.

The second is a practical driving test and the third is a practical test of your ability to instruct.

The second and third parts are known to be the toughest and once you pass part one, you have a two year period in which to complete all three tests, or else you have to start again.

Once you’ve managed to get all your qualifications, you’ll be allowed to start taking on clients.

You have to be organised and arrange lesson plans for your learners in order to get them test ready.

You have to take them through every aspect of driving that they can expect to be tested on, from performing basic vehicle checks to completing complex manoeuvres.

You may wish to work for yourself as an independent driving instructor, or perhaps you’d prefer to be part of our franchise here.

Credit history for acquiring a lease car is not a problem and we can provide you with excellent assistance in this regard, as we work very closely with an excellent lease company.

You can find all about them by clicking HERE

Becoming a Driving Instructor is not easy, after you passed the qualifying tests, you’ll be self employed, you’ll probably end up working unsociable hours.
You’ll have to deal with loss of money through cancellations, sometimes aggression, various emotional states, other road users behaving badly and you’ll have to remain calm AND professional throughout.

BUT, if you can do all these things, then you will enjoy the feeling you get when you see someone YOU have trained, gain their full drivers licence, there’s no feeling in the world quite like it.

DrewMatic will train you not just to pass the qualifying examinations, but we will also train you in the most up to date driving and instructional techniques ensuring you’re always going to be a successful driving instructor, just like our existing instructors!

So what’s it going to be?

Who’s it going to be?


So, other schools will undoubtedly offer you cheaper training, but is it good value?

Ask them if their instructor trainer has the level of expertise our instructor trainer has.

DVSA ADI Standards Check Grade A

DVSA Fleet Registered.

ORDIT Registered Instructor Trainer.
ORDIT Premises Inspected.

BTEC 4 Professional Award in Coaching For Driver Development.

DIA Diploma in Driving Instruction.
DIA Advanced Examiner.
DIA Advanced Instructor.

City and Guilds 7303 and 7304 Teaching Certificates.

SAFED Trainer, Assessor and Tutor.
Energy Savings Trust Trainer.

RoSPA Tutor.

IAM Advanced Driving Test.
IAM Masters Test (Distinction).
DIA Advanced test.
DIA Special Test.
Cardington Special test Grade A (no faults).

RoSPA Advanced Test: Gold Award.

LGV: B+E, C1, C1+E, C, C+E.
PCV D1, D1+E, D, D+E.”

You’ll genuinely get what you pay for.

You’re going to be investing in a change of career, don’t you want the very best?

You’ll have to prepare for your Part One ADI Test yourself, but we can help you source QUALITY learning materials.

Once you’ve passed Part 1 you get to do the good stuff.

You train to do your Part 2 Driving Test then you complete 40 hours Part 3 Training (can be done in tandem.)

Once you’ve passed Part 2 and completed your 40 hours, you can, if you wish, go on to a trainee licence and start earning money and teaching students to drive, this can help supplement any additional training that you may require.

You’ll then have 6 months to take and pass your Part 3 Test Of Instructional Ability.

Pass that- and you get a lovely Green Badge and you’re a fully qualified Approved Driving Instructor.

What is it going to cost you?

The Government will charge you the following:





DrewMatic Weekly Franchise £60
(payable after 10 active customers added)

DrewMatic On Car Branding £120 (one off.)

( )

DrewMatic provide three training packages.

Pay In Advance:
70 Hours Training.
(Including Part Two and Part Three Instructor Training.)

Pay In Advance.
50 Hours Training.
(Including 10 Hours Part Two and 40 Hours Part Three Training)

Pay As You Go.

£35 an Hour!

Your DVSA Test Fees Are NOT Included.

So there you go, that’s pretty much what it could cost you!

Research everything.

Research everyone.

Then make your choice.

We’d love it if you chose us, we won’t make you stay when you qualify, but we’d love it if you did!!!

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