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Automatic Driving Lessons Jarrow

Automatic Driving Lessons Jarrow

Automatic Driving Lessons Jarrow

There has never been a BETTER time to choose Automatic. The future of driving IS Automatic. With the UK Government pushing for an outright ban on the manufacture of Petrol and Diesel cars within the next 20 years and with local authorities charging, or about to charge, drivers of conventionally fuelled cars for driving in to town and city centres, the push towards Electric and Hybrid vehicles is growing stronger by the day.
All Electric and Hybrid Vehicles are AUTOMATIC, so learning to drive in an Automatic is no longer the stigmatised choice it used to be, more and more people are ditching the clutch and gear stick and making the smart switch to Automatic.
Quite simply, it’s the EASIEST way to learn to drive. DrewMatic’s Automatic Driving Instructors Are Automatic Driving Lessons Specialists.

DrewMatic Are One Of The Leading Providers Of Automatic Driving Lessons In Jarrow

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Automatic Driving Instructor Jarrow

DrewMatic don’t use call centres, nor do we employ target driven telesales staff (unlike other schools we could mention) which means you will always talk directly with a DVSA Approved Automatic Driving Instructor and we won’t try and sell you the highest priced product with minimal consultation with you or with precious little understanding for your needs, all for maximum profit or commission!! 

When you contact us to begin with, you will always speak directly with either the owner of DrewMatic, or with another DrewMatic Approved Automatic Driving Instructor where you can expect a prompt, friendly, honest and professional service.

After initial contact, we’ll take details of your age, location, any experience (if any,) plus your availability, most importantly though- we’ll listen to what YOU want and listen to how YOU feel and then we’ll allocate you to an instructor that will fit your needs and requirements, a learner is usually able to speak to their instructor within 2 Hours.

Nor, (like other schools we could mention again) do we charge our instructors unfair and extortionate franchise fees then threaten them with legal action and take them to court if they ever ask to leave once they realise that they’ve been sold a complete pack of lies!!!

THIS is what sets US apart from all the toxic big name brands and why we believe that you should trust US with YOUR training and development.

If they will do that to their instructors, just imagine what they’re willing to do to YOU, you just will not get a good service, you cannot trust the big names.

DrewMatic are 100% non corporate, and 100% about the personal touch.

We provide Beginners OffersIntensive Courses, Block Booking and Pay As You Learn Lessons too!

Your Automatic Driving Lessons will take place in and around the areas where you will be taking your test, but we won’t just teach you to pass a test, we’ll teach you to DRIVE !!!!

DrewMatic love to go the extra mile for our learners too.

It’s very well known that whenever anyone asks for the best Automatic Driving instructors, DrewMatic are almost always quoted as one of the best Automatic Driving Schools.

We try our very best to ensure that everything in terms of the practical test is taken care of, our online support group on Facebook contains a whole variety of video based support, from Test Routes, to complex junctions, to videos of the car you’ll be learning in and so much more, you can even request a specific training video and if we don’t have that specific subject, then we’ll go out and we’ll make one for you for no charge at all!!!

All you need to concentrate on are your driving lessons and getting up to a safe, ‘beyond’ test standard.

We will, of course, guide you each and every step of the way through the roads of the towns and cities of not only where you live, but where you may work too, including the drive to and from where you may work, because we want YOU to be READY!!!

Our team of professional DVSA qualified and approved driving instructors are qualified to the highest level and fully in touch with all of the stresses, strains and concerns that trainee drivers may experience.

All of DrewMatic‘s Automatic Driving instructors are Enhanced DBS checked, vetted and cleared, so you can book with confidence knowing that you will be placed with a properly qualified and safe driving instructor.

Understanding and patience with students provides an extra level of help and support, needed to get you through the driving test.

We also aim, 100% of the time to have the same instructor and car for the duration of the course which we know is important to our customers.

Why not text, call or message via the website, a member of our friendly team now with any queries or concerns you may have.

Don’t forget to also take a look at our: FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages too.

Test your knowledge, you can take a Mock Theory Test HERE
If you’re thinking of booking your Theory Test you can do that HERE
You can find information on the Practical Driving Test HERE

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*Note, Our Prices Can Be Easily Found On This Website On The Home Page.
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If You Can, Please Include Details Of Your Availability. We Are An AUTOMATIC ONLY Driving School.

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