Alison Just Passed Her Driving Test!!!

Automatic Driving Lessons Hartlepool

Wow, well, what an incredible journey this lady has had.

Alison has to be one of the most nervous and anxious drivers I have ever taught and we’ve been through some ups, downs, sometimes she even tried to go through red lights but she kept believing, she kept chasing the dream, her dream.

She never, EVER gave up!!

I’m so pleased, so proud, because today, at her very first attempt, Alison passed her driving test.

I’ve got to thank her husband too, Michael, you played a massive part in helping to get your girl ready for this test so you need to take a bow too son!!!

There’s so much more to this lady than meets the eye, she’s amazing.

WELL DONE !!!!!!

Are YOU a bit or a lot like Ali?

Do YOU think that you’ll never do it?

Ali thought that once.

Now look at her.

All it takes, is one call.

It’s just easier in Automatic!!

Automatic Driving Lessons Hartlepool

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