Automatic Is The FUTURE Of Driving

We started back in October of 2015 when our owner Drew was part of a large and well known driving school franchise.
He soon saw them for exactly the Toxic Charlatans that they were and are.
Not wishing to be associated with any of their business practices, he ventured out on his own.
He was told he would, and we quote “come crawling back in 3 months….”
How wrong they were…..
Quickly establishing a reputation for excellence Drew was soon inundated with requests for work from primarily word of mouth recommendations, it quickly became too much for him to handle alone so his wife Emma became involved and trained to become a driving instructor.
The rest, is, as is often said, history and here we are in May 2019 the largest provider of Automatic Driving Tuition in the North East with Fifteen Automatic Instructors, Four of whom are Female.
We’ve more instructors in Automatic and more passes in Automatic than ANY other driving school in the areas that we operate.
Our heart, soul and passion lie firmly in Automatic as it truly is the future of motoring.
Automatics are growing in popularity and now other driving schools who used to sneer at us are now copying us, trying to catch up.
Unlike some ‘others’ who provide Automatic Driving Lessons, we do not and absolutely WILL NOT offer cheap, nasty, poor quality and frankly ridiculous 5 hours for £25 or the poor quality 4 hours for £44 deals that not only demean, but insult the highly skilled qualifications needed to become an Approved Driving Instructor, imagine being a fully qualified professional and being told that you have no choice but to work for less than 25% of the standard hourly rate!!
We simply refuse to do that at DrewMatic, and our results and standards are borne out by the top teaching quality of talent that we attract as a consequence, nobody wants to work for less than they’re worth so we ensure that OUR Instructors are of the highest calibre AND pass rates.
DrewMatic don’t use call centres, nor do we employ target driven telesales staff (unlike other schools we could mention) which means you will always talk directly with a DVSA Approved Automatic Driving Instructor and we won’t try and sell you the highest priced product with minimal consultation or little understanding for your needs for maximum profit or commission!!
Nor, (like other schools we could mention again) do we charge our instructors unfair and extortionate franchise fees then threaten them with legal action and take them to court if they ever ask to leave once they realise that they’ve been sold a complete pack of lies!!!
THIS is what sets US apart from all the toxic big name brands and why we believe that you should trust US with YOUR training and development.
If the toxic brands will do that to their instructors, just imagine what they’re willing to do to YOU, you just will not get a good service.

We’re 100% non corporate, but we’re 100% about the personal touch

As we look to the future we hope that our customers continue to choose and trust us over the bigger name driving schools that absolutely do not care one bit about their customers.

Towards New Horizons

In January 2020 we commence our Driving Instructor training programme.

DrewMatic will begin training new Driving Instructors joining the Automatic Driving Revolution.

Our DVSA ORDIT Registered and Approved Driving Instructor Trainers are second to none and qualified BEYOND the Driving Instructor Trainers of ANY local training provider.

We don’t want to be accused of false advertising, so we made sure these facts are FACTS !!

See our DRIVING INSTRUCTOR TRAINING page for more information.

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